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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

North Platte Flyfishing

Since leaving for the ISE show in Denver and seeing the lowest temperature ever recorded in my truck, -33F, things have been improving. Weeks of above freezing temperatures and mild winds have allowed North Platte anglers to venture out for a mid winter session.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Outhouse Hole closure

BLM Outfitter Permits

Why is it important to the general public that outfitters be properly permitted to use Bureau of Land Management boat ramps and lands on the North Platte River? Why is it important to permitted outfitters that all outfitters must be permitted to use these lands?
First of all lets remember that BLM is a federal agency. And, although it may not feel like it federal lands are shared by all of us...this is your land. Why should you demand that outfitters have permits? That is completely up to you, but, BLM permits cost the outfitter a fee every time they use BLM land commercially. The money generated goes to things like outhouses and boat ramp maintenance for everybody to use. It also creates statistics, by outfitter annual reports, that help determine the future of Grey Reef as a fishery. It is also intended to limit the commercial use of the resource. There has been a moratorium on new Grey Reef permits for several years. No new outfitters are able to secure a permit at the moment. With these permits, the outfitter is required to carry substantial insurance on behalf of the BLM.
So, a rogue outfitter is not contributing money to the services provided by the BLM. Instead he is pocketing the money and saying screw the users of Grey Reef. A rogue outfitter isn't required to carry insurance that puts the BLM (our tax $) at risk of a law suit. The rogue outfitters aren't contributing to statistical data for Grey Reef use.
Why is this unfair to outfitters who do things right? Well, we pay. Thus contribute to the services that we all use. We protect the BLM from loss via our insurance policies (again we pay). We provide data for BLM use. But, luckily as outfitters who have permits we are protected, by the BLM, from those who don't. There are stiff penalties for those who a caught outfitting on BLM lands at Grey Reef without a permit.
It is easy to spot permitted outfitters. They have a small BLM sticker with a number on the starboard bow and the port stern of their boat as well as one on their trailer.
Vote on the poll concerning BLM permits.
Erik Aune

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Winter Activities...

Here are a few pics from the North Platte Lodge and Reef Fly Shop guide crew "off season". Enjoy!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Long Time Coming

It is a new year and we are excited for the season to begin. Things are looking up. The stock market has bounced up and hopefully employment will follow. Fuel prices have stayed relatively low and consumers have regained some confidence. It has been a wild ride and I'm sure it isn't yet time to let down our guard. BUT, one thing remains unchanged...Grey Reef fly fishing.
Last season was an amazing time. We enjoyed great dry fly fishing, bigger trout than we've seen in a couple years and lots of moisture. Hopefully we will see as much moisture as last year with fewer blowouts.
Although the North Platte River is frozen below Government Bridge there is still a bunch of uninhabited water to froth. Winter is a great time for a combination trip. Pack your skis and your rods and have a mini adventure. Fish Grey Reef on your way to ski Teton Pass or Jackson Hole Mountain Resort or Targhee. Or, If you are traveling from the north fish the Reef on your way to Summit County CO for turns in the snow.
IF you are traveling through the Denver area this weekend (Jan 7-10) stop by the Colorado Convention Center and say "hi". We will be attending the International Sportsman's Expo starting this Thursday. Stop in we'd love to see you.