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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Remember the Closure Grey Reef Anglers!

Starting tomorrow, April 1st, the North Platte River will be closed to all fishing between the cables at Grey Reef. This will be the 3rd year this rule has been in place. Anglers at Grey Reef may not fish from the boat or wade fish between the cables during the month of April. The closure effects the Junkyard Hole and The Cable Hole...including the Mud Hole. Not a big area but a favorite non the less. It is a good opportunity to go and watch spawning fish. Have Fun and stop in The Reef Fly Shop for the latest fishing info.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Flyfishing Grey Reef and Miracle Mile-Spring Edition

It's that time again! Spring has arrived on the North Platte River. Granted we've had one of the nicest January-February's we can remember, making us all wonder if and when we will pay for such nice weather. It's lining up to be a big year on Grey Reef with good numbers and some monster trout. Miracle Mile is starting to benefit from several good years of moisture and the return of a healthy trout population. Needless to say we are excited and our guides are ready to go. It's going to be a good year! (The above pics include a picture of the much requested bronze bugger, if you have any questions give us a call!)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Rogue Outfitter Poll Results

This was a fun poll. One of our frequent Grey Reef anglers (you know who you are Jay) said he was going to name his boat the "Rogue Outfitter" and offer anglers at the Outhouse Hole a service of rowing them around the now closed river right side.
The results were actually in favor of legit outfitters...but just barely. 46% of you think it is right that outfitters must pay to use Grey Reef's BLM land which includes the "new" access at the Cable Hole all the way to the bottom of the Outhouse Hole. It also includes the Fence Hole, the Bolton Creek accesses, Government Bridge and most of the land around Bates Creek, Big Muddy and much more.
43% got your licks in by expressing your distain for outfitters while making sure the outfitters pay to use Grey Reef or any section of the North Platte River system in question. I am an outfitter, but I do understand the frustration pointed at us. In total 89% were clear that outfitters must pay to play...read that again...outfitters must pay to play.
7% didn't really care, I guess they just want to fish and avoid the drama.
2% or one of you likes Wyoming's lawlessness and want to preserve it.
I think that we need to be paying to use Grey Reef and am happy that the BLM intends to enforce this.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Spring Flush 3/22/10-3/26/10

The spring flush is scheduled to begin early Monday morning the 22nd of March. The BuRec will release 4000cfs daily and return it to 500cfs within a span of a few hours. By noon the water is typically back to 500cfs. The flush will continue until its conclusion on Friday morning the 26th of March.

Trent and I field a bunch of calls with folks wanting to know when the flush will happen. My biggest concern with these calls is that prospective Grey Reef anglers are shooting for being on the water during the flush. In the spring this isn't a solid concept. We won't book trips on the first couple of days of the spring flush because we have had tough conditions in the past...not always, but we don't want to risk it. We are very confident in the fishing by the end of the week. If I were coming I wouldn't plan on being here for the couple days of the spring flush (fall flush is an entirely differnt story). The fishing has been awesome before the flush the past couple years...probably even better than after?
Erik Aune