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Friday, September 18, 2009

Grey Reef Hoppers!!!!

Well, the last month has proven to be prime time for hoppers on the North Platte. Grey Reef and Miracle Mile, two fisheries notorious for big fish and a less than average dry fly bite, have turned it up a notch with the addition of late summer "big foam" fishing. Almost any large foam pattern will readily raise a hefty N. Platte fish from almost any drop or riffle producing some incredible takes. To put it best, you have to see it, to believe it!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Project Carp Jon

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Project Carp Jon has reached it's temporary end. Below is a list of modifications that have been made this summer:
-Remove live well and weld the boat where live well penetrations were
-Build the live well space into a storage box that houses PFDs, anchor, tools, rope and fire extinguisher.
-Move the battery from the rear of the boat to the front. Eventually there will be a dual battery system, but I will use the existing Optima Yellow Top until it has expired. Then replace with 2 matching AGM batteries.
-Replace the old 6 gallon fuel tank with a 12 gallon unit.
-Added a front aluminum casting platform. Secured with a cam strap to a Kennedy tie down. Kennedy tie downs are nice because you can easily remove the eye bolt so there isn't a tripping hazard on the deck of the boat when you remove the casting platform. Originally, I was going to use a Yeti Cooler as the casting platform but it was tough to see around when under way.
-Added a poling platform. The poling platform can be removed in about 10 seconds so it isn't a permanent fixture. The brackets are easily removable, but I doubt I will have a reason the take them off. They are mounted to the transom and don't interfere with space or function of the boat. Profab in Casper, WY did the poling platform fabrication from my design. Tom Bower Decorative welding powder coated the poling and casting platforms. I chose black because it I liked the look...knowing full well that my toes will probably get cooked on warm days.
-Built a Mangrove carbon fiber pole to move the boat around.

Old modifications include:
-Bow and stern trolling motors. Each is used for a different type of fishing
-Installed a depth finder.
-Pedestal seating.

All of the modifications can be removed and the boat can be reconfigured for different activities. It is a fun project now I just have to use it!
Erik Aune

Monday, September 7, 2009

North Platte- Summer Recap

Here are a collection of photos from this summer. This past summer proved to be one of the best I've seen in my 10 year career on the North Platte. Golden stones on the "Mile", tricos at Grey Reef, and weird weather made it unique to say the least. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Katherine and I traveled to New Orleans last week to visit family. As always I looked at the trip as an opportunity to chase some redfish. I made a quick call to Wes Swank, a client and friend of the North Platte Lodge and we scheduled a trip with Capt. Greg Dini. Capt. Greg Dini, an ex-Tulane University baseball player, grew up in Florida chasing redfish in Mosquito Lagoon. He has since started a guide service pursuing redfish in Louisiana and tarpon in Florida.
We were picked up at our hotel in the morning and we headed south towards Venice and the vast marsh system of southern Louisiana. After a short twenty minute run we were poling our way down a spartina grass island waiting the days first redfish. An extremely high tide made tailing fish a rarity but we still managed to find fish cruising, chasing mullet/shrimp, and/or floating. I know floating seems like an odd word to describe fish behavior but we found numerous fish just floating, not on the bottom, not tailing, floating!!!! These fish were more than happy to assault the sz. 2 tan wiggler pattern or spoon fly making for some exciting fishing.
According to Greg the high tide that day had made conditions more difficult than normal. Despite these strange conditions we still managed to catch some nice redfish. Redfish make for exciting sightfishing without having to cross the globe. If you've never been redfishing, put it on your list! If you've never been redfishing in southern Louisiana, put it on your list! It is without a doubt the most productive redfish fishery in the world! Lots of fish and very few fly fisherman make it a trip worth making. Capt. Greg Dini is great guide with intimate knowledge of this area and an unparalleled passion for his work. Check out his website at www.flywaterexpeditions.com