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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Help Wanted

Okay, so we are caught a little off-guard by folks interest in Grey Reef the last year and a half. We have been running a skeleton crew of 8ish guides, with shuttle drivers and housekeeping.
1. We need a guide/shop hand/roust about. You must have your own boat and guide vehicle. You must have a pleasant disposition and be a team player...no egos here...it is about the guest not guide glory. Guide experience required. Clean driving record. Tidy and clean mandatory. You will be coming on at the end of the roster so will spend time working the fly shop and doing other tasks between guiding. Looking for a guide to set up shop in Alcova or Casper for the ENTIRE season. Wages based on experience. We employ our guides and they can participate in a company retirement plan.
2. We need a housekeeper/shuttle driver/food prep. Clean guest rooms and living space. Prepare meals and drive river shuttles. Variable hours available to fit your schedule. Would consider one aggressive individual to take on all tasks including guiding/housekeeping/shop etc.

Contact: Erik at (307)237-1182 and send resume to info AT northplattelodge DOT com.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

North Platte River Flows

Here are a few pictures submitted by a reader. These photos are a great example of the current scene. The last two pictures are of the spillway at Pathfinder Reservoir. The 2nd is from the top of the dam looking down and the 3rd is from the right side of the canyon looking across to the spillway. Yes that is the spillway! Engineers in 1910 made sure they had a natural spillway that wouldn't compromise the dam structure. Pathfinder dam is constructed of granite blocks. The 1st photo is looking down the head of Miracle Mile from a vantage on Kortes Dam. This photo gives you an idea of how much water is being released from Kortes. If you compare the photo from the BLOG post a few days ago that is looking up the head of Miracle Mile towards Kortes Dam you can get a good idea of what it is like. Notice on the view toward Kortes Dam the size of the trucks and backhoe to the height of the water below. This is something you should see for yourself. Thanks for submitting these great shots! I would be happy to credit the photographer if they want me to. Click photos for a larger image. Erik

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Where are they going to put the water?

I am concerned this morning about our little water issue. You might recall that Trent wrote about this last month, but we are now at a critical point.
Here is the quick scenario. Seminoe Reservoir is 95% of capacity. As I understand, or as the rumor goes this is much more water than the BuRec wants behind Seminoe Dam. Apparently the dam is not completely structurally sound? The North Platte River is adding 20,000 cubic feet per second(CFS)to Seminoe Reservoir. BuRec is releasing 15,000cfs from Seminoe and Kortes Reservoir (which is full). Miracle Mile is running 15,000cfs into Pathfinder Reservoir. Pathfinder is over 99% of capacity this morning...it should breech the spillway soon. Fremont has been running at 2300cfs and the tube at about the same for a total of roughly 4900cfs into Alcova Reservoir. Alcova is full and releasing roughly 4900cfs with some water going over the spillway into Grey Reef. Grey Reef is releasing 4900cfs. There is still room in Semonoe if they use it. And, Alcova can store quite a bit more although it will still require a lot of water spilling over.
Now that we have the rough picture...where does the water go? When Seminoe gets all that it can and the other reservoirs are at capacity we still have all the volume that is entering Semonoe Reservoir to deal with to deal with. Maybe the runoff on the upper Platte River Drainage will slow soon? Unlikely, as there is still substantial snow pack. We should expect more water in Grey Reef at the least. Hopefully the BuRec will be able to moderate the flows downstream and damage will be limited.
I would hope that there is a plan that we aren't aware of or that we lack the education to comprehend. Maybe they can pump a fair amount of water into the Casper Canal? I would hope that we would be warned ASAP if there is danger of property damage and risk of life and limb. I generally don't participate in "chicken little" philosophy, but I am concerned. The North Platte River, Grey Reef AND the trout will be fine...I am more concerned about property owners along the North Platte River between Alcova and Guernsey Reservoir.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Big water, big fish!

Need help tomorrow!

Looking for a few glory seekers to help do a quick river cleaning tomorrow. Our 4900cfs has flushed a fair amount of trash into the North Platte at Grey Reef and it needs to be combed. Give me a shout at (307)237-1182.
We have been insanely busy so I haven't been able to get to the poll results. But I will soon.
A quick rundown of our water situation is the upper Platte is feeding Seminoe with better than 16,000cfs. Seminoe is at 90+% capacity. Miracle Mile went over 10,200cfs this AM and it is running 10,000cfs currently. Pathfinder is at 94+% capacity. Fremont is getting 2300cfs...quite a sight for sore eyes! Alcova is full and there is some water coming down the spillway. Grey Reef is 4900cfs as of this AM. There are flood watches in several areas of Wyoming, with some areas already flooding. All that doomsday news and the fishing is excellent. Don't waste an opportunity to fish it at big water. It is a blast! We will help you get oriented and point out the right bugs.