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Friday, June 11, 2010

Need help tomorrow!

Looking for a few glory seekers to help do a quick river cleaning tomorrow. Our 4900cfs has flushed a fair amount of trash into the North Platte at Grey Reef and it needs to be combed. Give me a shout at (307)237-1182.
We have been insanely busy so I haven't been able to get to the poll results. But I will soon.
A quick rundown of our water situation is the upper Platte is feeding Seminoe with better than 16,000cfs. Seminoe is at 90+% capacity. Miracle Mile went over 10,200cfs this AM and it is running 10,000cfs currently. Pathfinder is at 94+% capacity. Fremont is getting 2300cfs...quite a sight for sore eyes! Alcova is full and there is some water coming down the spillway. Grey Reef is 4900cfs as of this AM. There are flood watches in several areas of Wyoming, with some areas already flooding. All that doomsday news and the fishing is excellent. Don't waste an opportunity to fish it at big water. It is a blast! We will help you get oriented and point out the right bugs.

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