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Friday, December 16, 2011

North Platte River and Reservoir Updates

I think it is interesting that the North Platte is still at 740cfs entering Seminoe. Seminoe is at 86% of capacity! The flows are 545cfs into Kortes which is at 100% and the same flowing through the Miracle Mile section into Pathfinder. Pathfinder is 75% of capacity. Still a lot of water in the system and our snow pack is currently 90%. Projections with a normal snow year are 3200cfs at Grey Reef for the summer months next year. If Ullr gives us a big snow year, which is a likely gift from La Nina, we will see more water than that.
Other interesting tidbits are that Fremont Canyon has welcomed a big jump in brown trout population ratio. 40% browns. That has happened in just a few years as it was predominantly a rainbow fishery. Grey Reef is in amazing condition according to the Wyoming Game and Fish, but we already knew that. The past few years have welcome amazing recruitment. High water has kept the predators away, the anglers in boats rather than stomping the redds and no wild water fluctuations to leave the redds high and dry. We are wallowing in a very good set of circumstances.