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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ol' Blue

It seems that in every circle there is a piece of equipment named Ol' Blue. Most of the time it is a treasured (if not abused) truck or car. In this case it is a drift boat. Owner/Operator Seth Kapust put her into service in 2001. There is no single boat that has logged more miles on Grey Reef than Ol' Blue...not even close. Seth guides at least 180 days per season. When he isn't guiding he is fishing or sleeping...he doesn't sleep very much. Seth's boat has been down many rivers. The latest were the Roaring Fork and the Colorado. Click on the images to see facial expressions.
Erik Aune

One last look before dropping in

View of the dark side

Ol' Blue taking care of business

Seth smiling after a fun ride

Sunday, July 12, 2009

North Platte Fly Fishing-Summer Session

Well, it's been a pretty impressive year thus far on the North Platte. This year has produced some of the biggest fish and most exciting fishing we've seen. Let's just say this, we ran out of 25" club hats (we give out hats to clients who catch fish 25" or greater) about three weeks ago! Not only have the fish been big, the fishing had been exciting...hopper/dropper, stripping streamers, sight nymphing, etc. Tricos should be here soon making for some of the most exciting dry fly fishing of the year and the fall streamer fishing is just around the corner...stay tuned!