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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Big Bone!

Chuck ONeill will be fishing with us this May. He sent us this pic of a big Hawaiian bonefish from his home waters. Nice work!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

North Platte Snowpack Report

Here's the link to the current snowpack report for
Wyomingand the North Platte basin. Things are
looking good! Might be a BIG WATER year on the


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Larry Eads Claims FREE Trip

Congrats! Larry Eads on winning the free trip that we raffled at the Fly Fishing Show. He claimed it within a couple hours of it being posted. Larry spends quite a bit of time fishing Grey Reef and seemed pretty excited. He had no interest in fishing with me but requested most of the other staff...even including Trent.

Speaking of Trent, I'm sure he and his lovely bride are not feeling great this AM. They hosted many friends last night to celebrate their 30th birthdays. It was a great time although I am feeling a little worse for the wear.

To stray off topic even further... Trent was relieved, after fishing yesterday afternoon, to have hooked several big, healthy Grey Reef rainbows and no dinks. We have been a little concerned after the hopper chaos from last season. It seemed that you couldn't find a small fish to eat a hopper and after the hoppers slowed down it was tough to catch an average fish on a nymph. But, as always Grey Reef is alive and well and so are the big fish.

Friday, January 21, 2011

New Winner!

Steve Sherwood didn't respond in time. So we have selected a new name. If the trip hasn't been claimed by 1/24/11 we will select a new name.

Drum roll.....LARRY EADS is the new winner. Larry, contact us and confirm your email address and you get a free early season trip. Simple.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

This past weekend The North Platte Lodge and The Reef Fly Shop attended the Fly Fishing Show in Denver. We advertised a show special. It is an early season day trip for 2 anglers for a paltry $325. This doesn't so great when you consider that you can get an early season trip with a couple other outfitters...for a bit cheaper even. Here is the difference:

Private Access: Our trips always include private access. This includes all the most desirable water at Grey Reef. 17 miles of access only for our guests. Anybody can float down the river, The Reef Fly Shop and the North Platte Lodge can use the river. We can drop anchor to land a fish or re-rig, hop out to wade a really productive run, stop to eat lunch wherever. Who wants to be confined to the boat all day?

Seasoned guides: Our guides are full time Grey Reef specialists. This is where they live, work and play. You will be with a Grey Reef pro. A guide who knows all the North Platte River's idiosyncrasies during all seasons and hatches.

Shuttles: We do the shuttles so you will have the most convenient guided trip imaginable. This also translates to more of your time on the water.

Location: Our location can't be beat. We are right at Grey Reef. Again, your time with us is spent on the water...not in the car or waiting at the ramp.

...and the WINNER is...Steve Sherwood! Steve will have until the 20th to claim his free early season trip. If he hasn't claimed his trip by the 21st we will start drawing names every few days until the trip has been claimed. Thanks for entering!

Stick around and learn about us and the North Platte River by visiting us on the web at The Reef Fly Shop and the North Platte Lodge

Monday, January 10, 2011

Load of Bull

This weekend we attended the Fly Fishing Show in Denver. It is an industry weekend as there were two shows running simultaneously. Lots of faces from the world of fly fishing manufacturers, authors, outfitters, wholesalers and retailers. I grew up in this business, and have always been aware of the ridiculous claims made by a few trying to gain credibility or celebrity. After hearing several folks spout their false accolades I came up with a "BS formula". Figure 65% of their "years guiding" or "days on the water" with a margin of error of +/- 5%. It seemed to work in these cases.

I have always been a skeptic and never star struck over fly fishing celebrities...except Tom Bie of The Drake Magazine. But, I have developed a wicked respect for some that I have become acquainted with. These are people who I came to know with my head filled with others negative opinions about them. Being a skeptic, negative opinions suit me well. Turns out they are not ego maniacs or jerks. They are genuine, kind and interested in others and other subjects. For me, it is a good lesson in humility.

Unfortunately, lessons like these don't have a lasting effect on my generally crusty personality. I get drawn into the lies, laziness and inconsiderate acts of douche-baggery. I can mostly separate and concentrate on those that really effect my world. Mostly. Maybe I should join the club? Focus on being totally full of crap and have no consideration for anybody else except those in my boat. Maybe I am a founding member of the club?


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

FREE Early Season Trip to be Raffled at the Fly Fishing Show in Denver, CO Jan 7-9

Make sure to come and visit us at the Fly Fishing Show in Denver. It will be held at the Denver Merchandise Mart January 7-9. Not only will we be offering reduced rate early season day trips but we will also be giving away a FREE early season day trip.
Put your name in the jar and we will post the winner here on January 12. IF you are the winner you will have until January 20th to contact us to redeem your prize.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Redfish bonanza with Flywater Expeditions!

I always try and fit a little fishing into the holiday schedule. Managed to make it over to New Orleans for a couple of days and couch bum/fish with my good buddy Capt. Greg Dini of Flywater Expeditions. It was silly the number of BIG redfish and black drum that wanted to chase,eat,inhale,etc. the fly. If there was any question regarding the health of this fishery, well, it looks to me to be doing just fine.
Oh and it's a perfect winter getaway if you like big fish eating a fly 20ft from the boat.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Come visit the North Platte Lodge and The Reef Fly Shop at the Fly Fishing Show in Denver, CO January 7-9. The show is held at the Denver Merchandise Mart a few miles north of downtown.

The International Sportsman's Expo is being held, once again, at the same time as the Fly Fishing Show. Why come to the Fly Fishing Show? It is specific to our sport, parking is free and close to the venue and we will be there!

Many of the manufacturers and wholesalers expressed, to us, that they would be attending the Fly Fishing Show. That is why we chose to attend.

*SHOW SPECIAL* This year we are going to offer a show special. Discounted early season day trips and lodging packages. You will still receive Grey Reef's best guides, 17 miles of exclusive private access starting at Grey Reef Dam (read WADE FISHING!!), shuttles (we won't make you do our job) and terminal tackle (flies are on us like always). Lodging packages will include everything that you have come to expect in our exceptional service. Don't miss out!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011!

David Kramer wishing us all a very happy 2011. He isn't feeling too terribly well today...wonder why?