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Monday, January 10, 2011

Load of Bull

This weekend we attended the Fly Fishing Show in Denver. It is an industry weekend as there were two shows running simultaneously. Lots of faces from the world of fly fishing manufacturers, authors, outfitters, wholesalers and retailers. I grew up in this business, and have always been aware of the ridiculous claims made by a few trying to gain credibility or celebrity. After hearing several folks spout their false accolades I came up with a "BS formula". Figure 65% of their "years guiding" or "days on the water" with a margin of error of +/- 5%. It seemed to work in these cases.

I have always been a skeptic and never star struck over fly fishing celebrities...except Tom Bie of The Drake Magazine. But, I have developed a wicked respect for some that I have become acquainted with. These are people who I came to know with my head filled with others negative opinions about them. Being a skeptic, negative opinions suit me well. Turns out they are not ego maniacs or jerks. They are genuine, kind and interested in others and other subjects. For me, it is a good lesson in humility.

Unfortunately, lessons like these don't have a lasting effect on my generally crusty personality. I get drawn into the lies, laziness and inconsiderate acts of douche-baggery. I can mostly separate and concentrate on those that really effect my world. Mostly. Maybe I should join the club? Focus on being totally full of crap and have no consideration for anybody else except those in my boat. Maybe I am a founding member of the club?



kopak said...

Please, don't ever join that club! Competition for customers and their dollars creates the BSers. Quality outfitters are measured by their large volume of return clients. I'm betting that's the club you belong to. I wish my schedule allowed me to get out there more often!

Tight lines,
John Konopack
Milford, NJ

The Reef Fly Shop said...

Marketing is a funny thing, and big egos aren't tuned to be satisfied with the truth. Always have to be more or bigger or whatever. We all like to be recognized as chart toppers right? Actions speak louder than words but there is a sucker born every minute...how do we survive? Go after the suckers or make sure our actions are speaking to the right folks? Simple answer is we will continue to do as we always have. The things we credit ourselves with will be the truth...no smoke and mirrors. Hope to see you soon! Erik