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Monday, April 14, 2008

Upcoming Articles...Update

CIRCLE JERK, I am waiting to get some new photographs of boats rowing over the top of recreational fishers as well as other guides for this article. There is never an excuse to run over anybody. In fact, if you ever see an NPL or Reef Fly Shop guide crowding, report it to us...we won't tolerate that behavior from our crew.

12 FOOT LEADERS, no excuse just haven't done it. *done*

CARP, I am waiting to release this article closer to carp season. With projected high water conditions in the Rocky's during 2008, carp should be a great AND available sport.

I will get these post completed! Whether they are interesting or not will be judged by you...post your comments!

Erik Aune

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micknster said...

You guys going to do any more articles?