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Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Fly of the Week-2/26/09

The PAL was created about 8 years ago by Adrian Keeler. A simple yet very effective pattern, the PAL has been fished by The Reef Fly Shop/North Platte Lodge guide crew/clients in rivers throughout the US and even New Zealand. Needless to say it's caught fish everywhere!


The Reef Fly Shop said...

This bug was intended to be a midge, but soon became one of our go to baetis patterns. This bug also works as caddis. One of only 2 patterns that I carry in my guide box in a 1 dozen quantity. All other pattern are on 1/2 dozens. I will never guide fishing guests without this pattern in my box. It has saved my a## many times. PAL is an acronym the middle initial coincidentally standing for a##. We finally decided to start selling them in the shop a year ago.
Erik Aune

Anonymous said...

What's the recipe for this fly? Looks like blue glass bead for the head. But is that a grey thread body and black or blue Uniwire ribbing? And grey UV dubbing for the thorax?