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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Steamboat Powdercats

What does skiing in Steamboat have to do with fly fishing Grey Reef? Well, The first image is of Dave Lundy. He is a good buddy and a fishing guest of The Reef Fly Shop. We are skiing with Steamboat Powdercats which is owned by Dave Lanoha, an amazing guy, who happens to be a frequent guest of the North Platte Lodge. It is kind of a "what comes around, goes around" situation.
Dave and I had a blast! They hadn't received new snow for 7 days and our guides Patrick, Murph and Rob did a great job getting us into untracked powder. When they encounter a drought like this, they have to conserve the resource for the next groups while giving the current group an awesome experience...sounds just like fishing. The similarities were uncanny, and really fun to watch the guides reactions to certain situations.
I can't recommend this operation enough. In fact, I am trying to set up another day before their season ends and ours begin.
Visit them at www.steamboatpowdercats.com

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