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Saturday, March 7, 2009

CARP, the Recession Bonefish

I'll begin by saying, please don't misunderstand me...I love fly fishing for trout. There are very few things that compare to wading a good riffle, floating a beautiful western river, or trekking into a back country stream pursuing trout. By no means is the following article an attempt at turning anyone away from the above. But after spring on Grey Reef subsides and we begin to settle into our summer pattern my thoughts begin to turn towards carp. Now, it's not because of boredom or lack of good trout fishing, that would definitely not be the case. June, July, and August can be some of the best fishing of the year. It's just different and provides a totally unique experience.
Carp are a fascinating fish! They can exist and survive in conditions unsuitable for most other fish species. In our local waters they are found in huge numbers and can provide the angler with hours of entertainment. The carp in the Alcova area can grow up to 35lbs (some maybe even larger) and you can almost always find them patrolling the shorelines in search of their next meal. They are most definitely an opportunist, taking advantage of any meal whether terrestrial or aquatic, plant or animal.
In the early days we found ourselves pursing them on foot around Pathfinder and Alcova reservoirs and let me tell you, we had a good time. In the last couple of years we have added a few features to our john boats to aid in the carping game making the pursuit of these characters even more enjoyable. Imagine getting a 25lb. fish, in 18in. of water to inhale a fly in such a way that your knees get a little shaky. No BS. I can tell you with the utmost sencerity I have seen the beasts move on the fly in such a aggressive manner that...well, will amaze even the most seasoned fly fisherman. In closing, if you think you wouldn't enjoy it, you still need to give it a try...trust me.

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