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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Poll on Stocking Grey Reef

Poll Results:

No way! Fewer and bigger is how I roll. 31 (29%)

Of course! My ego is stroked (stoked) by quantity. 0 (0%)
No. Let's try to figure out the problem before stocking.11 (10%)

Yes. They should conservatively stock while trying to figure out the problem.56 (52%)

Yes. Catching more fish is more important than size. 1 (0%)
Whatever brah...I'm just here for the chicks. 7 (6%)

Votes so far: 106
Poll closed

I've been waiting to recap the results until the fall when we really get to see how many little fish are around. This spring and summer were amazing for big fish catching. During our hopper season we saw very few fish under 19" eating hoppers. We are definitely spoiled. Our high water conditions also made me wonder how productive this years spawn would be. Our historic flows didn't hurt the spawn as there are tons of little fish rising all over the river. This is the time of year is when it becomes very apparent how many little fish are in the river...but, you have to be out there to see it. Not just once or twice in a season...often. It has actually been pretty frustrating lately, as the little aggressive fish won't leave the bugs alone. We are talking about landing 50 8"-14" an day in some stretches. Mixed with maybe 15-20 18" or better trout. Some stretches of the river are far worse than others for small fish. Stocking would exacerbate the situation. It would be really refreshing if the Game and Fish would at least talk to the outfitters and maybe take a ride down the river to see whats going on.

My conclusion is that there is not a problem. There should be no stocking of the upper river. All size classes are represented.

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