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Friday, March 27, 2009

Fly of the Week-LAZY

This week it's the LAZY midge. Simple to tie, it fishes well on Grey Reef all year. This fly requires absolutley no thread and was developed(not that it's anything special...more so the tying method) by Erik and the North Platte Lodge guide crew.


james said...

what material was used

Seth said...

The only material used is flexi-floss.
Start by lashing the floss to the hook at the eye just like you would with regular tying thread. Hold onto the tag end very tightly with your left hand (assuming you are right handed) and wrap the floss toward the bend of the hook with your right hand tightly. You can now let go of the tag end, but don't let go of the other end. Give the floss a couple of twists with your fingers and palmer back up the hook to the eye to create segmentation. Whip finish and clip both ends of floss. The real trick is to hold and stretch the flexi-floss tightly through the tying process without letting go.
This style tie is just about bomb proof of hook sizes 14 to 20. It takes a lot of fish to get one to unravel. Larger flies tend to fray and smaller flies end up to bulky. Our favorite colors are red black, and green. Mix and match various beads and flosses to create all sorts of midges and caddis larva! Once you get the hang of tying the lazy midge you'll be able able to crank them out really fast. I hope my instructions were not to confusing, but you can always stop by The Reef and get a demonstration.

james said...

Thank you, instructions made perfect sence, I apreciate the response