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Monday, March 30, 2009

Check out the FLUSH!

Today is the first day of the spring flushing flows. It came a little later than most of us would have liked, but better late than never. I took some photos of the river yesterday before the flush and this morning after the flush had been in progress for several hours. Check out the difference!


Vance and I are the only 2 souls at Grey Reef. He needs hooks so we grab some at the shop.

Grey Reef Boat Ramp: looking downstream yesterday afternoon

Grey Reef boat ramp: looking downstream this morning

Afterbay: view from The Reef Fly Shop yesterday afternoon

Afterbay: view from The Reef Fly Shop this morning

Grey Reef Dam: view from the Bretty Place yesterday afternoon

Grey Reef Dam: view from the Bretty Place this morning


Anonymous said...

After the flush, will they start raising the flows?

Seth said...

That is the plan. According the the USBR the flows will be 2000 cfs after the flush is over. Check out the info here:


Anonymous said...

Does that mess up the rainbow spawn?

The Reef Fly Shop said...

It can mess up the spawn a bit. When the flows increase the fish will build redds in areas that were not suitable for redds at lower flows. If the BuRec drops the flows in May (because of low water demand downstream)it can leave some redds high and dry. This happens often. 2005 and 2006 the water stayed high, 2007 and 2008 the water was dropped through May and into June.