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Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Our latest poll asked "Will the state of the economy keep you from fishing Grey Reef in 2009?". The results are in and I'm not surprised at the outcome.

34% of Grey Reefers said they are coming, but they're going to do it on a dirtbag budget. We know some of that 34% has the cash to come and live large you are just...well...dirtbags. And we respect that.

48% of the Reefers are coming to party like it is 1999. Couple Benjis will buy enough booze and bugs to keep your stoke for several days. Alcova is a great place for those with means to blend in...hide out and enjoy ambiguity. It is also a great place for the blue collar Reefers to stand out and be a huh...huh...huh..high roller.

11% of you are coming to lose your Grey Reef virginity. We hope its a memory that will last a lifetime!

4% are staying home to lick your wounds. We are sincerely sorry for you. Nothing like a quick trip to Grey Reef to ease your pain. See you soon!

The results are perfect. The Grey Reefers have spoken. Question is WHEN are we going to party like its 1999? The Reef Fly Shop enjoys inviting all the fishers and guides to a gathering on a Saturday in the spring. We provide adult beverages and processed meats on the grill. Go to the new poll and vote for a day to party.

Disclaimer: by voting you are RSVPing, now you have practically become family and will be expected to do the dishes

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