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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Beartrap Summer Music Festival

Taj at Silver Oak with Bob from Freddy Hahne on Vimeo.

Taj Mahal Fishin' Blues

Beartrap Summer Music Festival will be held on August 6th & 7th. Celebrating the 18th year, this should be the best so far. Headliner is Taj Mahal a master of many genres and 2 time Grammy winner. Wyoming favorites like the Dang Ol' Boys and Jalan Crossland are sure to get the field noodling. Jalan's hard hitting rock-a-blues-a-grass-a-billy, entertaining lyrics and occasional metal riff on the banjo keep his set interesting and ALWAYS way too short! Many other acts like Reverend Peyton and the Big Damn Band, Boulder Acoustic Society and others will provide a sound to entertain the blanket lounging, tie-dye wearing closet hippies. It is actually focused around bluegrass but they have a nice mix for all. Bring some extra coin as there will be vendors selling rubber band guns, walking sticks, jewelry,...err...tie-dye shirts and much more.
Plan your North Platte River Grey Reef hopper trip to coincide with Beartrap Summer Festival. Bring your bike. The mountain bike scene is just across the road from the venue. Music festival, mountain biking and huge hopper eating trout in one trip. Dang!

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